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Guardian Technologies can offer vendor training for accreditations or on-site workshops for all products that we offer.  To help keep your costs down we can also arrange for this to take place remotely, in groups or classroom style on-site.



Before investing in products or applications, the objectives and measurements need to be clearly defined.  Using our assessments tools can be an effective way to:

  1. Identify clear areas of concern or gaps in the IT or security environment.
  2. Define metrics to assess maturity or capability before audit or assessment.
  3. Formulate and articulate the compelling reason for addressing the identified problem.
  4. Allocate financial impact of doing nothing and the cost of remediation.

Guardian Technologies can offer the following assessments:


  1. Active Directory Health check – Discover quickly any issues with your environment.  A range of reports can be provided as standard such as nesting levels, cyclical permissions, empty groups, multiple paths and many more.  The output is a summary of the environment complexity, critical issues and top ten remedial actions.
  2. Information Exposure Assessment – Find out what information is stored at your endpoints. Is it innocuous files or is it personal details, financial information or internal strategic documents.  With this assessment on a sample set of endpoints, the exposure can be quantified and remedial actions put in place.
  3. Device Connection Exposure Assessment – Do you know what is being plugged and removed into and off your network? What kind of devices poses the most threat? With this assessment a agent-less toolset is used to find out if employees are using USB sticks, copying data to CD drives or using external disk drives to copy copious amounts of information. The assessment can be used to design the policies for a Data Loss Prevention implementation.
  4. Inappropriate Content Exposure Assessment – This assessment will collect information on any inappropriate content stored at the endpoints.  This may be personal music or video files which are not allowed by corporate policy. The exposure to wasted space, inappropriate or unacceptable content can be assessed.  The implementation of a DLP solution would prevent further infection of the endpoint.
  5. Endpoint Inventory Collection – Most organisations do not know exactly which employees have laptops or desktop or tablets, etc. It can be discovered through manual records but to save time an agent-less tool can discover and collect endpoint information as a basis for software rollouts or upgrades.  This collection is normally run prior to DLP implementation to ensure all endpoints are included.

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