Security of your organisations systems and networks requires constant review. The systems, networks, and the threats which surround them change and develop. Most organisations IT grows organically, starting off small and growing progressively in both size and complexity; sometimes including mergers and acquisitions. Your systems and processes develop and mature over time, or at least they should. Developing your IT and ensuring it is resistant to the threats which present themselves requires deliberate and continuous planning and action, to ensure your company doesn’t fall foul of accidental or malicious acts which result in the loss of data or IT services which can significantly impact the business’s ability to function.

his allows us to quickly understand the next best steps to improve an organisations security, determining what quick wins there might be, what risk and threats require urgent mitigation, and what measures or products might be involved, while at the same time having a view to the future to ensure that any investments made will last the test of time as other less pressing issues and threats are attended to in the longer term.

We recommend having a good understanding of the current situation before launching into any significant projects or purchases. A good technical and organisational assessment can quickly determine the best course of action, backed up by solid evidence. Security measures may be missing, incomplete or inconsistently applied, and some rectification may be quickly addressed with minimal effort. Other threats such as malware attacks, data breaches, or loss of service can be identified and measures put in place using tools which complement the technology which is already in place, preserving the value of pre-existing investments, while ensuring that any further investment is proportionate to the perceived risks.

Guardian Technologies would be delighted to engage with you to assess your current security position and help map out a better future proportionate to your business needs and risks.