Product Solutions

Guardian Technologies understand that the IT industry is a fast changing environment and many businesses are not prepared for or anticipate a data breach, we have carefully selected the following products to help you manage that risk.

Access Rights

Quite often within a business, employees move around, gain different experiences, get promoted and move departments. Our 8MAN access right product is designed for businesses with over 100+ employees that are using Microsoft Active Directory, its intuitive and easy to use interface provides a simple and efficient way to track team changes and adjust the individuals’ access to files accordingly. This ensures that there is no unauthorised access to your data. 8MAN can be used in a number of different ways depending on the maturity of the AD configuration. For instance, if you would like to audit the environment, then 8MAN can run reports of the access rights, nesting levels, cyclical paths and many more. You can use 8MAN to manage AD with complete forensics on actions and roll-back. Finally, 8MAN allows delegation of management to different departments. For instance, who knows who should have access to the finance data? The finance director should know and can be delegated to manage permissions. If you want to have an assessment to see how good your AD configuration actually is, then click here. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Secure File Sharing

If you are a Financial, Legal, Project Management or Governmental organisation you may have a need to share sensitive data or figures. Imagine if once you have distributed that data other people had access to it, this could be detrimental to any business. This is where Seclore FileSecure comes in it enables the safe sharing of files and sensitive information through encryption and specific assigned access rights. Essentially only those individuals, who should see the data, can, even after documents have been sent out of the organisations security perimeter. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Protecting Your Data

Information is valuable, and needs protecting. Understanding what you have, and how to protect it when today it can be scattered across your internal network, cloud storage, laptops, data keys, tablets, everywhere, can be difficult. Traditional single-point solutions are not enough!

EgoSecure Data Protection delivers an integrated analysis, encryption, audit and control solution that allows you to understand where your risks are and implement appropriate protection. Click HERE to find out more.

Company Infrastructure

A major source of risk in any business whether big or small is change. Poorly tested changes can result in application failure, data loss and even financial loss. The use of industry standards based on ITIL 3.0 for service delivery define how an IT service delivery should be arranged. However, effective change management, service delivery, problem management, etc relies on an accurate database of assets. Named a configuration management database (CMDB), it is fundamental for all other related IT services. To mitigate the change risk, Guardian offers a complete ITIL-based tool-set based upon a comprehensive CMDB. SUPA tools is an on-premise or cloud suite of tools to provide complete asset management and service desk functions. It is easy to set up and very cost effective for small or large organisations. CLICK HERE to find out more.