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Connections / Dependencies / Change Management

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Your IT Business infrastructure is complex and interconnected. A simple change to hardware, networking or software in one location can result in problems emerging in other places. Over time the interconnections become more difficult to document and track, as system updates and changes are taken up, replacement and new systems purchased and key personnel leave with the knowledge in their head.
The cost of a breakdown can be massive. This is where the SupaCMDB product comes in to help you manage this potentially complex process. Even small disruptions can cause issues with clients and incur large staff costs to correct them. Documenting your infrastructure in a configuration management database provides you with the tools to plan changes and examine their impact upon other parts of your system.
Get rid of those cumbersome spreadsheets. Import your asset data into a flexible CMDB that enables you to link your assets together and navigate from any starting point. Automate the accuracy of your data via multiple data sources, and govern it using comprehensive Change Management. All possible with our SupaCMDB module.
Build a comprehensive map of your systems, made up of Configuration Items (CIs) chosen from the list below:
  • Locations (Office, Data Centre)
  • Racks (Computer Cabinet)
  • Networks (VLAN, WAN, LAN)
  • Devices (Servers, Switches, Routers, Desktops etc)
  • Software Products (Infrastructure s/w like O/S, middleware)
  • Applications (Business applications)
  • Data Stores (Database instances, e.g. Oracle, SQL Server)
  • People (Users, Customers, Suppliers, Contacts…)
  • Documents (Contracts, Config files, Office docs)
  • Collections (CI Groupings, Custom CIs)
  • Environments (Dev, Test, Prod linked to CIs)
  • Support Groups (Service Desk, Level 1, 2 & 3)
  • Notification Groups (Auto notification targets)
Then link them together to show relationships, dependencies, connections, resources. Plan changes, and SupaCMDB will immediately tell you which items are affected.
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