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Information is the lifeblood of business. We all share information with partners, suppliers, clients and sub-contractors. But once you have sent your information outside of your organisation, how do you ensure that it stays confidential?

Your information is important which is why it is essential to have secure file sharing in place – it may be sensitive legal or financial information, intellectual property, product design drawings, project plans or news. The thing that matters, is that it should go to exactly who you intend, and no one else. But once you have sent it out someone else has it and they can do whatever they want with it.

Not anymore!

Seclore FileSecure IRM gives you the ability to share your information securely. It provides an effective mechanism for controlling who can view your confidential documents, and the ability to revoke their access rights even after they have been sent outside of the organisation. Your documents can be encrypted and distributed by any means eg: email, FTP, Drop Box, memory stick, etc, they carry their security policy with them wherever they go.

You retain control of your documents even after you have distributed them. Each time a document is opened it ‘calls home’ to authenticate, and checks the access rights allowed. If you change or remove a user’s rights to a document then the next time they try to open a document they will have the new rights, or perhaps even no rights at all. All document accesses are recorded for audit purposes. You can now state absolutely who opened your confidential documents, when, and what they did with them. Even unauthorised access attempts are recorded.

Seclore FileSecure IRM supports over 120 different document types, including Microsoft Office, Open Office, PDF, text, image and AutoCAD formats. Documents can be consumed on Windows desktop, iOS or Android devices, and also any device using a web browser. Seclore FileSecure IRM fits closely with your current working practices, allowing you to apply security without major procedural change.

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