Securing Your Data

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Data is one of the most important assets of any organisation, and it must be protected. Data loss or theft can lead to reputational damage, legal issues and in the worst possible cases destroy a business.

Information is at risk, exposed to both internal and external threats, but what do companies really do to protect their information? Antivirus, Firewall – traditional security elements, BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH…

Threats include:

  • Negligence – The single largest problem is not hackers or insiders trying to cause malicious damage. The real damage is in the main caused by unintentional human activities, mistakes and negligence
  • Workstations – There is absolutely no control of what the user can do with data on the majority of workstations
  • External storage – Over 70% of computers will not track data transfer to external devices including USB’s, mini drives, SD cards and digital cameras.

EGOSECURE DATA PROTECTION protects data wherever it is stored: on computers, the web, in the cloud, on external storage media, on smart phones, tablets etc.

Protection must be implemented with minimal effort and costs, but nevertheless achieve a maximum level of security. An optimal security policy must not be based on speculative fears, but on concrete facts. EgoSecure Data Protection combines the data flow analysis tool INSIGHT with corresponding safeguard modules in one solution. After configuration of your security policy with EgoSecure’s 20 PROTECTION FUNCTIONS, INSIGHT continues to provide information concerning the level of protection and provides the information needed to continually improve security measures.

We are delighted to offer any new client a FREE 30-day trial of EgoSecure Insights, so that you can see just how good it is for yourself.  Offer is valid until 31 October 17, terms and conditions apply.  Contact us for information.


After analyzing the data flows and identifying the weak links with INSIGHT, protective measures can be configured individually with the 20 protection functions.

ES_ControlPanelAll functions are integrated into one solution, access only one database and are controlled via a central management console. There is only one installation, after which the modules can be activated in accordance with the client’s protection requirements. A subsequent adjustment of the protection policy requires no new installation.

ES Endpoint suite includes an AntiVirus engine along with its own data security modules like Device and Application controls, Audit, Encryption and Power Management. The AV engine as well as all other security components are centrally managed through a single flexible and powerful management console.


A powerful analysis tool to identify areas of vulnerability. Protective measures which are required can be configured according to the answers delivered by the INSIGHT tool set.  Click HERE to find out more.


Tools to control access to external devices, cloud storage and data connection links such as Skype. Click HERE to find out more. Click HERE to find out more.


Filtering specific data types from incoming and outgoing data, controlling application usage, and anti-virus tools. Click HERE to find out more.


Encrypt files, folders, full hard disks, cloud storage, removable devices, iOS/Android devices, email. A powerful and flexible solution to lost data. Click HERE to find out more.


Analyse your inventory, manage mobile devices, secure erase devices, and control power usage by automatically turning devices off. Click HERE to find out more.

EgoSecure follows the principle of single-agent and single console to manage all components of the security solution:

  • Fastest roll-out, minimal administration, no changes in business processes for users, minimal education, maximum protection
  • Complete security set with real and fastest ROI
  • Best choice for all groups:
    • IT administrators
    • Business owners and management
    • Users