EgoSecure – Corporate Analysis


A powerful analysis and audit tool helping to identify and document areas of vulnerability. Insight gives you the information required to implement specific protective measures to reduce risk.

INSIGHES_Insight1T ANALYSIS – To make sure that appropriate protective measures are implemented Insight first analyses the overall safety situation in the corporate network. The results of this analysis are then presented in graphs and tables. Insight provides the facts to show an overall picture of the data security for every business and organization. The data shown by Insight Analysis gives you the information to specifically establish the protective measures that are really needed.

ES_Insight2INSIGHT AUDIT – Audit makes the data flow visible in detail, showing potential weaknesses in the security settings. This allows the determination of forensic information. The ability to generate this information is an important contribution to IT compliance and matches with laws and industry regulations. The Federal Data Protection Act, for example, specifies a logging as mandatory.

All user activities with files on removable media, network shares and cloud storage are recorded, the following actions are tracked:

  • Insight Audit Attempts to violate access rules
  • Allowed file operations with removable media
  • File operations with network shares
  • File operations with cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box etc.
  • Shadow copies of files written to external devices