EgoSecure – Encryption


– Mobile data media such as USB sticks get increasingly smaller and powerful; however, this also means that they can get lost or stolen much more easily. Removable Device Encryption ensures that the data cannot be used by unauthorized parties. Password-based encryption and decryption can be done on any Windows computer, with full transparency for authorised users. Encryption is file-based and multiple kinds of encryption are available and can be used simultaneously on one medium.

No data can be viewed in the wrong hands when USB sticks or any other removable media is lost or stolen, only authorized users can access encrypted data

  • Transparent encryption – no need for additional user education
  • Per-file encryption – no additional efforts for administrators for device initialization, container creation etc.

ES_EncryptFULL DISK ENCRYPTION – Full Disk Encryption provides comprehensive protection of all devices and encrypts the complete hard disk or partitions on the sector level. The solution also provides on-demand pre-boot authentication to authenticate users before the operating system is started. Automatic detection of new hard disks in the integrated encryption chip, lightning-fast initial encryption and centralized management ensure seamless integration with existing IT infrastructures.

PRE-BOOT AUTHENTICATION – Pre-Boot Authentication ensures that registration at Windows and related encryptions, such as the disk encryption, cannot be manipulated and circumvented by converting the hard drives, starting of USB / CD or the replacement of the operating system. The registration to the corresponding terminal will thereby take place immediately after the BIOS loading process, but before the start of the operating system. As well as passwords also many smart cards are supported as login security. Enterprise features such as help desk, self-initialization and more, are also available. Login screens can be customized to each customer.

FOLDER ENCRYPTION – Folder Encryption protects data on lost notebooks or hard drives and also individually defined sensitive data on systems that can be accessed by several users. For instance, highly sensitive management data can be protected against access through employees with many privileges, such as IT staff.

CLOUD/NETWORK ENCRYPTION – Cloud and Network Encryption can be used to encrypt folders in the cloud or on any network. Encryption keys remain within the company and are never stored in the cloud – a clear advantage over encryption solutions provided by cloud storage providers themselves.

ANDROID/iOS ENCRYPTION – The transparent “on-the-fly” encryption for iOS and Android devices offers file-based protection on internal storage and memory cards and cloud accounts of mobile devices via app. Files are decrypted by entering a password.

MAIL ENCRYPTION – Mail Encryption ensures the safe exchange of e-mails; no software needs to be installed for this purpose on the receiving or transmitting system. Encrypted e-mails with an electronic signature can be sent and read within the user’s familiar environment. It is also easy to encrypt and transport very large e-mails.