EgoSecure – Management


MOBILE DEVICE MANAGEMENT – The increasing degree of adoption of mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones must also be reflected in corporate security architectures. Mobile Device Management ensures the intelligent integration of mobile devices, including support of the Android and iOS operating systems.

INVENTORY – Inventory shows which hardware and software products are installed on the computers in the corporate network. However the functions in Inventory that allow the user to see changes and to analyze those and also to be alerted if something changes are much more important. The condition of the hardware can be displayed and reliably indicate any problems.

SECURE ERASE – Secure Erase ensures that deleted files cannot be restored, no matter if they are located on the internal hard disk or on an external storage medium. Users can choose among multiple deletion methods. They have the option to securely delete documents immediately or to destroy all deleted files irrevocably, based on a specific schedule. Secure Erase also ensures that you discard hardware only when you sell or withdraw respective hardware.

GREEN-IT – Intelligent power management ensures efficient device operations by only consuming energy when the computer is actually used. Green-IT helps reduce IT operational costs while also contributing to the company’s environmental balance and ensuring a fast ROI for the EGOSECURE DATA PROTECTION implementation.