Security Maturity Model

security_maturity_modelHow do you measure security? What can you compare your security with to assess how well you are covered?

Below you will find the Guardian Technologies Security Maturity Model. The matrix shows the different aspects of security, what they cover, and how they should be applied. You can quickly identify where your organisation is positioned based upon what you have already done, and see what you should be doing next to increase your security to protect against today’s threats and issues. For example, you may have the basics covered with anti-virus, firewall and patch management, but are your identity & access controls up to date? Are you providing your partners, suppliers and clients with confidential information that could cause you problems if it leaks out?


Guardian Technologies can deliver an analysis of your existing security environment, including a report showing who copies data out to USB sticks, DVDs, email, etc. With this information you can accurately plan your next steps to ensure that you are not the next company to feature on WikiLeaks!

Read more about the Guardian Technologies Security Assessment. This white paper describes the background, tasks and benefits of the Security Assessment, and shows how your organisation can work with Guardian to improve security and reduce risk.