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It is critical to ensure that any information sent to another person is read only by its intended recipient, whether inside or outside your organisation.

What is Information Rights Management?

Information Rights Management, or IRM, is the use of technology to protect information from unauthorised access. Some technologies also provide a useful functionality to revoke access to information that has been previously distributed.

The technology is along the same lines of that used by game companies and film distributors to protect their copyrighted materials. You may be more familiar and have come into contact with DRM (Digital Rights Management) in those spheres.

In the past, under many circumstances, you had to trust that only the people who should see an email or sensitive information did in fact see it, and that they would not pass it onto somebody else. This issue has been a major concern for many companies, because if an organisation has a breach or loss of information, it is a violation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into force on 25 May 2018.

Of course, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) can help protect an organisation, but what if we could enforce this? Well, now we can, with our new Seclore technology. It is excellent news for restricted sectors and non-restricted sectors alike that you can now share and manage your information with third parties in a more secure way and also have much more control over the information once it is outside of your organisation and in their hands.

Why Seclore?

Guardian Technologies has teamed up with the most advanced IRM solution in the marketplace today, Seclore FileSecure, to provide Enterprise Information Rights Management (EIRM) for any organisation that wants to protect information wherever it goes. Its fantastic capabilities mean that you can turn off access to your data whenever you want or need to, instantly.

Any file you send is encrypted and with a “call home” feature. So, the business can create a policy of who has access to what, and what they can do with it. Then, any time a user tries to open the file, the technology will “call home” to check if the action is allowed and either permit or deny it.

There are plenty of solutions out there, but in our opinion, none have quite the pedigree, coverage and track record that Seclore does. Their dedication to making data-centric security a natural part of a businesses infrastructure makes the software a pleasure to work with. Also, because of its integrations, APIs and SDKs, they have broken down many of the barriers that keep end-users from adopting IRM technologies.

Here are some of the main benefits of adopting Seclore for your business:

  • 6,000+ companies across 29 countries are using Seclore to protect 2 billion documents, or 10 petabytes of data.
  • Identity Federation and Single Sign-On – makes it easy for people to accept your requirements as they can use their Google accounts to sign in and access the information.
  • It’s a browser-based solution which means that it is an easy, no hassle way for people to access the information they need.
  • It’s entirely OS and device-agnostic, so it doesn’t matter what the recipient is using; they will still be able to access the information.
  • You can dictate exactly who can access the information, who has control over the file, when it can be accessed and from what type of device.
  • The technology is compatible with 64 of the most commonly used file formats.
  • You can automate much of the rights management process by automatically protecting files and assigning usage policies to them.

Why use Guardian Technologies?

There are many security risks across the information lifecycle that any company faces in today’s digital world. To ensure information is protected and only those who should view it, can view it, you need to put technology in place to protect it.

There are plenty of solution providers in the realm of information security. We like to do business with like-minded organisations who see the need to enhance their information security provisions but may not have the experience to do so in-house or are growing at such a rate that the in-house IT team need some additional support.

If you are an organisation with 100 users or more and have concerns about your information security, then we have the experience to help you to make sure that information security management and protection keeps you and your client’s information safe in this new landscape we all find ourselves.

If you are concerned about your business information security contact us to arrange your FREE 60-minute consultation