Information Security Training


If you are wanting to review your potential information risk or understand more about how to use one of our partner products then we can help to develop bespoke training sessions especially for you and your team.  

Guardian Technologies can provide seasoned training professionals to lead your business through a programme of education to ensure your users are handling your business and customer information correctly; ensuring information is being securely stored, transmitted and accessed with appropriate reporting.

Our Training Solution

The products offered by Guardian Technologies enable you to reduce your risk from unauthorised information access and sharing through appropriate access management, encryption and control. Guardian Technologies has the experience to show you how to use these products effectively to maximise your return on investment. We start by evaluating and understanding your business requirements to ensure that the training provided is appropriate to your teams.  We are happy to provide train the trainer training, to ensure that you are equipped to remain secure for the long term, by providing bespoke training packages which align product capabilities with your business processes and data handling policies.

All security products are designed to mitigate certain risks. However, to do so effectively requires appropriate application based on good practice and practical experience. Guardian Technologies provides a combination of presentations and hands on practical application to ensure all trainees are suitably equipped, so that when we leave the building (metaphorically or otherwise) your employees can be confident in fulfilling their role; sufficiently security aware to detect and prevent inappropriate access or failures, ensuring compliance with defined policy.

How can Guardian Technologies help?

Your trainer will have a deep understanding of the technical product(s) in question, the current world of digital security and threats, and your own security landscape and business objectives. The learning objectives will have been clearly defined and will be delivered through the means most appropriate for your situation; whether through classroom sessions, webinars or tailored one to one sessions.

What to do next?

We will provide you with bespoke informative and enjoyable training, to find out more or to build your bespoke training package please contact us.