Meet the Team

Our team has over 30 years’ experience within the IT data security sector, so we are perfectly placed to provide you with the right solution to solve your individual data security challenges.

Meet the team

Guardian Technologies was set up by two colleagues Barrie and Rupert back in 2010. Initially to provide fledgling data loss prevention (DLP) software to small/ medium sized organisations. However, it became clear that unless organisations understand their information types, lifecycle and value, then tools such as DLP are very limited. From this the proposition to focus on helping clients to categorise, classify and minimize their information was created.  Guardian Technologies is focussed on protecting the information at the core of the organisation. Perimeter, network, endpoint and application security are very important but unless the information itself is protected then all other security is compromised.

We are a small, dynamic team of experts, able to move quickly to meet your individual business requirements, all experts within their field. Our team has over 30 years’ experience within the IT data security sector, so we are perfectly placed to provide you with the right solution to solve your individual data security challenges. Committed to finding the right technology solution to your business. We are able to work with limited budgets to help provide information protection to small/ medium sized businesses.

This message is gaining clear support as organisations understand the value of their information and can justify budgets to protect it more easily.

People who you will meet include:

Rupert Beeby
Rupert Beeby

Rupert is a data management and information protection specialist who has worked within the IT industry for over 30 years. Rupert is a Chartered member of the Institute of Engineering and technology and the Chartered Management Institute. He is also a member of ISACA.

Ed Crane

Ed is an experienced Sales and Executive Director, who has worked within the technology sector for over 18 years.  Through his strategic leadership, entrepreneurial guidance and leveraging the power of his teams, he has helped to transform numerous businesses.  Though his achievements Ed has also gained recognition in the Sunday Times Top Tech 100 growing private companies, for the last two years.

Barrie Kenyon

Barrie has over 30 years experience within the IT industry, specialising in providing technology based solutions for our clients with extensive application development experience and has written a paper on Rapid Application Deployments.

Justin Cross

Justin is an accomplished enterprise software and information security specialist, with 30 years experience in software development and deployment. He has honed his skills as a software engineer, team leader and consultant, developing complex knowledge based systems in Finance, Telecommunications, Utilities and Manufacturing. Since 2001 he has specialised in information security solutions having worked with a diverse range of clients across Europe, he is now delighted to be working with Guardian Technologies to support their project implementation.

How We Can Work With You

Guardian Technologies has experience in working across a wide range of industries and businesses. We can work with our clients in a number of ways:

  • Consultancyusing our experience to help you identify the information challenges you face and find the right solutions to over come them.
  • Project Management; Implement for you the new IT systems required to help your business move forward. We will see the project through from scoping phase right to the end result, support you and your teams along the way.
  • TrainingWe can help train your teams on how to use these new technologies working at all levels across the business.

As with any project technology will not provide the complete answer, a combination of the right technology tools, enhanced and improved processes and trained staff is the best way forward.

What to do next?

If you are concerned about your business information contact us to arrange your FREE 60-minute consultation