GDPR Audit

The new GDPR regulation came into force on 25 May 18. The regulation has been designed to help individual consumers take back control of their data, so if they no longer wish to be contacted by an organisation then they have the right to be withdrawn. This will affect all organisations regardless of size and the UK’s membership within the European Union.

There will be significant fines for any organisation who does not comply with GDPR which can be as much as €20m or 4% of annual turnover. Fines will not be limited to large corporates but also relevant for small companies. With this in mind and in response to a number of our clients’ concerns, we have compiled a package to help you audit how ready your business is for GDPR and what further action you still need take.

Our three-day GDPR Audit includes:

  • One day of on-site consultation. We will spend a day with you to interview up to three Senior Staff, typically your Data Protection Officer, Head of IT and another Senior Manager who is responsible for GDPR compliance to understand their view on the business’s current position.
  • One and a half days off-site document review. During this time we will review all of the findings from our discussions, reports and interviews to generate our report on recommendations for next steps.
  • Half day on site to present our findings and our GDPR Readiness Audit report to your key stakeholders and senior management teams.

Duration:                 3 days

Cost:                        £4,995 + VAT

GDPR Audit

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