Behaviour Training

OutThink – Cognitive Behavioral Training

Industry Leading Cognitive Cyber-security and Behaviour Training

76% of businesses have reported being a victim of a phishing attack. With nearly 1.5 million new phishing sites and thousands of new social engineering scams being created each month (Webroot Threat Trends Report) you should feel confident your employees are equipped with the knowledge to avoid these attacks.

OutThink is a web-based cognitive cyber security training and human risk platform that has been developed specifically to identify and reduce risky workforce behaviours and build a risk aware culture. OutThink is an interactive solution that gives the right knowledge and skills to match individual roles, regional and national cultures, and build awareness on how to spot and avoid risky behaviour.

Human Risk Profiling

OutThink uses an advanced scoring system to assess the individual risk of each employee, department or country and create a priority-learning baseline.

Targeted Training

Deliver a learning experience, which dynamically adjusts to the audience, depending on risk profile and role, so you can benefit from increased productivity and efficiencies.

Regulatory Compliance

Remain compliant, stay one-step ahead of client and regulatory requirements and not only win new contracts but also maintain them. Use the built-in policy attestation automation feature.

Meaningful Metrics

With a scalable learning platform and workflow intelligence, you can customize the metrics in a dashboard for learners, administrators, and executives.