Audit Changes To Your Critical IT Systems

Information assets are critical to any organisation, and knowing who is doing what with sensitive data is paramount.

How do you keep track of changes to your critical IT systems? And ensure that your teams are using your critical business data in the right way?  With multiple IT systems, trying to use native auditing with its different tool sets and multiple log files is a nightmare.

LepideAuditor offers a simple, cost effective and scalable means of monitoring changes to your Active Directory, Policy Server, SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, SQLServer and even your file server access. Some of the key benefits of Lepide Auditor to assessing your critical business data are:

  • Meeting Compliance – Continuous monitoring and alerting of critical changes to critical systems.
  • Log Storage – Logs are kept for forensic review if needed.
  • Real-Time Monitoring – Instant reports of activities.
  • Centralised Auditing – Monitor all fileservers, systems and computers from one central station.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Scheduling – Numerous reports, daily monitoring, sent anywhere you want.
  • Scalable for any size business, so as your business grows LepideAuditor can continue to support you.

This is where the LepideAuditor comes in.  LepideAuditor is a powerful auditing, reporting and alerting application to help you to understand and monitor any changes within your Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, File Servers and Office 365 systems. The coverage of systems and applications gives you a single view of your entire estate in one consolidated dashboard.  This leading data auditing tool provides you with an intuitive dashboard, granular reporting, real time alerts to data changes, delegated reporting, roll back change capabilities and a mobile app to help make managing your data even easier.  LepideAuditor will allow you to monitor and audit your entire Microsoft estate as well as using File Server Resources Manager (FRSM).  LepideAuditor with FSRM will help administrators classify and manage stored data in file servers and report across the estate.

This leading data auditing tool combined with Guardian Technologies consulting and support services will enable a smooth implementation and integration of this tool with your existing business software, plus we will be on hand to answer any questions.  Guardian Technologies will help to ensure you get the value from your investment with knowledge transfer activities, pro-active feature news and regular check-ups.  Guardian Technologies will also provide other complimentary products to address other information protection areas as required.