Anti-Virus Solutions

A solid anti-virus solution is important for any business, regardless of sector, size or industry. We will identify your needs and provide the right solution for you.

We’ve all read of the potential threats and know that we need to do more in order to keep our businesses on the cutting edge of information security, not just because there are hefty fines if we don’t, but because, as organisations, we value our customer’s data as if it were our own.

The impact of not addressing information security needs is much wider-ranging than before. Compliance with new regulation is being enforced more than ever before, not to mention that we are an increasingly litigious society.  Without taking adequate steps to protect your business, a security breach can have a dramatic impact, harming your business in any number of ways:

  • Loss of clients, trust and reputation.
  • Bad press with unflattering stories that never disappear.
  • Possible court cases, fines and compensation claims.

The Ponemon Institute carried out a study on data breaches for IBM in 2017.  They found that the cost of all the losses to business in the UK that year amounted to approximately £2.48 million, even a fraction of this is enough to seriously endanger many businesses, especially startups.  CLICK HERE to read the full details of their study.

All the while cyber attacks are becoming more sophisticated and targeted. Our modern complex infrastructures have numerous points of entry; with every new feature, there’s another potential attack vector for new viruses and malware.  These harmful programs seek to either destroy or steal your information. The former is digital vandalism, a dangerous risk for companies who store data that clients expect to be safe. The latter affects anyone, from a random person to massive government institutions.

Over the last few years, there have been numerous stories of ransomware, a kind of intrusive software that encrypts a device’s data and demands payment for unlocking it. without agreeing to this demand, the data is almost certainly lost forever.

Harmful software and attacks that is after your data include: Ransomware – Phishing, Malware and Trojans.  Our approach at Guardian Technologies is to go further than treating infections as they appear. Without securing your entry points and overall system integrity, it’s only a matter of time before a new, previously unseen kind of malware breaks through.

Our Anti-Virus Solution

Because of the above challenges, we don’t offer stand alone enterprise anti-virus solutions. Instead, we consult with you and carry out a full risk assessment of your IT security using specialised analysis tools. We partner with ESET because we believe that they provide the best all-in-one solution for your information security needs.

ESET have an excellent record in the marketplace with more than 1.55 million clients protected worldwide, installations encompassing 167,000 workstations across 42 countries and customer satisfaction levels of 97%.  With this installed, we can proceed with the evaluation of your current protections and report back on the areas that are at risk, along with our advice on solutions for your organisation’s specific needs.

One of the components we use within the ESET information security solution is a state-of-the-art data protection system. This includes an anti-virus module which provides proven protection against anonymous attackers from the internet. It has a high detection rate and responds quickly to new threats, including against viruses and trojans. ESET’s leading-edge anti-virus solution has an acknowledged high detection rate in the marketplace.

In short, the benefits of using this enhanced solution are:

  • It’s an all-in-one provision that will cover all of your information security needs.
  • It provides an overview of where your vulnerabilities lie outside of just anti-virus protection.
  • The product is modular so that you can tackle the flagged issues using a phased approach based on the urgency of the flaw.
  • You will have reliable system protection continually running in the background.
  • We tailor each deployment to your company’s needs, we never install or sell components you don’t need.

How can Guardian Technologies help?

Viruses and malware are only two of the security risks that any company faces in today’s digital world. To ensure information is protected, you need a complete range of protections against every threat, a service not provided by many tools and technologies.  At Guardian Technologies, we can offer anti-malware software that is part of an overall security management system such that management of agents, licenses, reporting and incidents are all managed under one dashboard.

There are plenty of solution providers in the realm of information security. We like to do business with like-minded organisations who see the need to enhance their information security provisions but may not have the experience to do so in-house or are growing at such a rate that the in-house IT team need some additional support.  If you are an organisation with 100 users or more and have concerns about your information security, then we have the experience to help you to make sure that information security management and protection keeps you and your client’s information safe in this new landscape we all find ourselves.

Finally, next time you are renewing your antivirus licenses, check with Guardian Technologies to see if you can get ESET and antivirus in one

What to do next!

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