At Guardian Technologies we put the customer at the heart of everything we do and we are delighted to have worked recently with a leading global plastics manufacturer.  Here is our recent client case study to explain a little more about the project, demonstrating how we help our Clients:

Project Background:

Our Client is a global manufacturer of plastic that is used all over the world in hundreds of different products from golf ball coatings to aircraft cockpits. Prevention of Information loss pertaining to the formulation and the production process to their product is critical to the Client and their business success. Production facilities are established in locations to support the global customer base, to reduce costs and delivery impact. The Client utilises third parties to build and manufacture the products in various locations, which requires the sharing of sensitive information. Once the information is passed to a third party then the protection of that information is only as good as the security of that third party. The risk to the information owner that the third party may be compromised and the business information lost was too great to allow it to continue.

The Client required a technology tool to enable the safe sharing of information at all times, but also allowing easy access to the information for the authorised people.  The existing process required various methods including the physical shipping of encrypted data or access to shared content areas with appropriate passwords and controls. However, with existing methods, once the information was passed to the user, the information was unprotected and could be shared easily. The rights management product from Seclore seemed the perfect way to protect the information both internally and externally for our Client.

Project Objectives:

  • To protect sensitive information being sent to third parties and only allow access to authorised parties.
  • To be able to send sensitive information quickly to authorised users over the internet.
  • To provide access to information by authorised users in the required format eg: office tools and native applications.
  • The ability to turn off access to information on the expiry of a project or the if the Client stopped working with a third party.
  • To protect sensitive information at all times, internally and externally.

Project Challenges:

  • To identify a specific process for information protection.
  • To support third parties to be able to access protected information quickly.
  • Adapt processes to ensure protection was applied at all times.
  • Ability to audit what happened to the information, who did what with it and who tried to access it.

How we overcame the Challenges:

Guardian Technologies provide innovative methods to protect information, wherever it goes and suggested the implementation of the rights management solution from Seclore called FileSecure. FileSecure is the most advanced Enterprise Information Rights Management solution available through its advanced functionality, broad integration and scalability.  A protection policy was created that defined who has access to the sensitive information, what they can do with it, when access is permitted and where. When the information was encrypted it contained a ‘call home’ function which goes with the file internally or externally. When the information is accessed, the file calls back to the policy server to check if that person is permitted access. If they are, then access is allowed, if not then access is denied. Rights do not pass from person to person, so if the information is stolen or sent to another party, the information cannot be accessed. It also records who tried to open files that were not permitted or if someone tried to perform a function beyond their permissions. For instance, if someone tried to edit when they were not given that right.

Guardian Technologies provided the Client with advice and consulting; installed the system (Client cloud installation); coordinated comprehensive staff and user training as well as ongoing technical support.

Project Results:

The Client was delighted with how easy the tool was to use and protect sensitive business critical information by applying appropriate policies. Third party users took a little time to train but documents were shared securely and easily. The ability to have ‘remote control’ over access of sensitive information wherever it is located was of particular advantage. The function to turn off access whenever needed was of particular benefit for RFP completion. Ad hoc requirements to share information with executive staff was easy and secure.

Client Comments:

“The Seclore FileSecure solutions product has revolutionised our internal processes.  This technology allows us to protect documents easily and control access wherever they are sent irrespective of the channel used both internally and externally. We particularly loved the ability to turn off access …instantly!  Guardian Technologies were professional and accommodating throughout the whole process and we would not hesitate in recommending Rupert, Barrie, Justin and the team.”