Many of our clients are grappling with trying to get their data protection systems in place to help protect their business information in advance of the forthcoming GDPR regulations on 25 May.  With this in mind Guardian Technologies are delighted to announce a year of significant predicted growth, and introduce our new partners to help our clients manage their business data more effectively.

Guardian Technologies has doubled their product portfolio to better cater for their client’s business information data security requirements. Our new partners include:  Bolden James one of the industry’s leading discovery and classification tools; ESET for Anti Virus, 2 factor authentication and encryption; and Lepide a leading security monitoring and reporting solution.  These partnerships expand the information centric strategy of Guardian Technologies, by expanding the way they can support their clients through protection, monitoring and classification of their critical business data, wherever it is created, used, shared and stored.

Lepide is a simple, cost effective and scalable product which enables small businesses to audit and monitor any changes made by their staff or third parties to their business data.  Once your business understands who has access to what and what they are doing with it, appropriate protection can be put into place to protect it.

Boldon James foucuses on classifiying and understanding the data held by a business and its value.  Bolden James have the best classification technologies which automates much of the classification process, enabling this information to inform a very effective information protection strategy.  It ensures that information carries a human identifiable classification as well as machine-readable classification and allows integration with other technologies such as: EDRM (Rights Management), Data-Loss Prevention (DLP) and many others.

ESET focuses on end point protection via comprehensive anti-virus protection, encryption and data loss prevention. The endpoint is a significant target for potential cyber attacks. A recent report from Google showed that endpoints are increasingly targeted: nearly two-thirds (64%) of external attacks targeted a cooperate-owned, employee-owned or mobile device. It is clear that cloud services and employee mobility necessitate a broader perspective on endpoint security. ESA is the partner for this area of information protection with encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Along side our new partners Guardian Technologies continues to also offer industry leading solutions from EgoSecure, 8MAN and Seclore to help offer our clients the best solution to help protect their business information and data.

As part of the 100% expansion ambitions Guardian Technologies has also joined forces with TECHNEDs a leading UK technology investment firm to help realise their potential.  This is an exciting partnership which will help to take their business to the next level.  TECHNEDs is a UK technology investment firm that provides coaching and guidance to businesses and has recognised the value that Guardian Technologies can offer to their clients.

TECHNEDs founder and CEO Simon Mewett said: “The opportunities that digital transformation provides means that all businesses need to redefine their requirements for digital security. This is especially challenging in today’s hybrid IT environments where availability and protection need to be compliant, flexible and scalable. We are excited to see the investment in solution innovation, customer success being realised through business growth and the expansion of expertise that Guardian Technologies will deliver in 2018.”

Our Managing Director, Rupert Beeby says: “ “We are expanding our portfolio to better help and support our clients; and our new partnerships are a great example of how the business is growing from strength to strength. Guardian Technologies continues to focus on the area of information protection, to ensure all our customer’s data is secure on premise, in the cloud or with trusted partners.”

If you need help in preparing for GDPR or identifying your data security risk, please get in touch to arrange your FREE 60-minute consultation or why not take advantage of our 25% off GDPR audit, now just £750.  Valid until 30 April 2018.