Guardian Technologies hosted another successful event in their series of GDPR focussed webinars. Guardian Technologies continues to support organisations to assess their requirements and actions to comply with the new GDPR regulations which are due to come into force in May 2018, time is fast running out. Organisations need to firstly understand if they have personal identifiable information (PII) then then need to understand how it will be stored, managed, protected and used.

In the latest webinar, using the analogy “from acorns to oaks” on Friday 14 July, we looked at which technology tools are available for a small-medium sized business to address each of the GDPR challenges – here is a top line summary of what was covered.

The first technology tool we looked at was 8MAN‘s, which can help manage and restrict an organisation’s  active directory.  Active Directory is like an organisation’s roots, allowing staff to have access to the correct files for their roles and responsibilities.  8MAN can help address the key risks of PII data identifying who has access to what and if anything needs to be changed.  Poor access controls undermine all other tools and activities.

The next technology we discussed was EgoSecure which identifies who is using, accessing and processing sensitive information.  From this, management can then decide if the usage is appropriate and whether further protection such as encryption is needed. Deploying specific EgoSecure modules to address these risk areas can protect information as it flows, much like the trunk of a tree.

The final technology we discussed was Seclore’s EDRM tool enabling you to track the sharing of information both internally and internally within your organisation.   With PII information, personnel may need pass information to different regions as part of career changes or organisational restructuring for example that requires PII data to move.  How secure is the content you are sharing? The use of Enterprise Digital Rights Management and specifically  can protect PII data wherever it goes – inside and out. This is like the leaves and branches of a tree.

So flushed with success that Guardian Technologies team are looking forward to talking with you more  about the key issues to information security, join us for the next webinar, contact us with any questions, thoughts or ideas you may have.

Don’t make like a tree and leave, or branch out elsewhere!