So what is Active Directory?  Well, Active Directory is the most critical application in the majority of organisations in today’s digital world, it controls user access; access to data and application data.  Yet the management of Active Directory is generally really poor and difficult to audit.

There are many reasons that employees may have access to things that maybe they should not.  A great example of this is the apprentice who has had work placement in every department across the business having access to more files than the MD.

Many organisations have evolved and morphed into their current structure, either organically, by acquisition or by divestment of businesses taking place. For example, Orange Communications has authorized shops or kiosks to use its masts, in a number of illegal settlements through its franchise “Partner Communications.”  After facing serious consumer pressure over this practice Orange announced in 2015 that it would end the franchise agreement over the next 2 yrs.  Other examples of businesses divesting are: Symantec splitting into two companies to separate storage from security and reviving the old Veritas brand and HP separating the printer division from the server division.

So, given changes to an organisation whether it is growth or divestment what does this mean?  How can you be sure that permissions are removed quickly, correctly and completely?  How can you be sure that all paths to the critical data have been removed?  With Active Directory you can find this out but it takes a lot of effort and requires skill. Active Directory tools are not easy to use at all.

Quick Win!

To help customers discover the critical issues with employee access in Active Directory, Guardian Technologies have teamed up with our partner 8MAN to provide small/ medium size businesses with a tool to quickly assess your Active Directory, show where the major problems are and where to focus resources for quick security wins.  8MAN allows visibility of your access controls and policies to allow you to change accesses and simplify your security environment. It is worth noting that if Active Directory is not correctly configured that this compromises every other security protection mechanism in the organisation. This Health Check will quickly show where the most critical security issues are.

About the Health Check

8MAN is a unique product that offers in depth analysis of security issues across your network. The health check will provide valuable information on current access rights, possible risks and possible solutions.

How does it work?

  • The customer must first complete a pre-health check survey.
  • The customer must assign a dedicated contact for the project.
  • The health check comprises of a one-day engagement with a Guardian Engineer who will execute an in depth analysis of your Active Directory.
  • Complete network scan to take place, sometimes as quick as 30-minutes for a small business, once all the above preparation work is complete.
  • Guardian will then present back all reports generated by the scan, help interpret the findings and agree with the clients next steps.

The cost for the initial assessment for a small installation is from £5,000 (excl VAT), which includes an 8MAN software license for the duration of the assessment and reporting of findings of the critical issues.

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