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Working with the best in class information security software providers

Guardian Technologies are delighted to be working with six carefully selected technology partners who specifically address the key security issues related to information management. They help our clients to protect their information and address the main areas of information security according to the Information Lifecycle (Create, Use, Store, Share and Archive/ Delete):


  1. Access Rights Management (8MAN) – making sure the right people can access the right information (Store/ Use).
  2. Data Classification (Boldon James) – provide data classification and secure messaging solutions (Create, Use, Store).
  3. Anti Virus and Encryption (ESET) – Protecting your end point, devices and servers from attack. (Use/ Store/ Share/ Archive).
  4. Information Lifecycle (EgoSecure) – ensure that the creation, sharing, storing and using of information is in accordance with business requirements. (Use/ Store/ Share).
  5. Access Management (Lepide) – monitoring and protecting your IT systems. (Store/ Use).
  6. Information Sharing (Seclore) – protecting information inside and outside the organisation with rights management. (Share).

8MAN is a leading Access Rights Management system provider, based in Germany. The 8MAN product can help any size of business to manage who has access to what information, with core functionality that includes permission analysis and reporting functionalities. Guardian Technologies has been working with 8MAN for over four years. 8MAN works with Microsoft Active Directory to enhance the management and control of Active Directory. Unique abilities of 8MAN include the visualization of access controls to see quickly the current state, modelling environment to develop the future state and then templates, workflows and snapshot to move from current to future state.

To discover more about 8MAN, please visit: www.8man.com.

Boldon James is part of the QinetiQ group and has been established for more than 30 years, specialising in helping organisations to protect their sensitive and business-critical data. They provide data classification and secure messaging solutions, supported by expert advice and partner with clients to build powerful data security ecosystems.  The Boldon James Classifier solution is a flexible platform that integrates seamlessly with technologies from best-of-breed vendors. Combining the use of metadata with plug-and-play functionality, Classifier enables CISOs to create a bespoke data protection environment that supports their wider governance, compliance and security requirements.  Bolton James clients include leading commercial organisations in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, financial and professional services sectors, system integrators, defence forces and governments.

To discover more about Boldon James, please visit: www.boldonjames.com

Information is key to any business in today’s digital world and if it is lost can have huge implications for a business and their reputation. At EgoSecure it is more than just protecting information, having the ability to firstly assess the information flows and then provide a suite of twenty or more modules, including anti-virus, encryption and password protection, to help resolve specific challenges. With EgoSecure Insight, it provides an overall dashboard with everything all in one place and will work within any small business budget expectations. The dashboard provides the knowledge and understanding of the risks to information flowing around the organization. It provides visibility of the lifecycle of information and what risk there may be to that information. For instance, if information is being copied to USB by a specific user, it will question if this is normal behaviour? Enabling the business to act accordingly.

To discover more about EgoSecure, please visit: www.egosecure.co.uk.


ESET offers a complete business protection portfolio and combinations of solutions to suit every business need.  They offer: Anti-virus protection; Endpoint security for mail, mobile and file security; Data encryption for hard drives, removable media, email and cloud based management; Multi-factor authentication (2FA); Network traffic analysis; Endpoint backup and recovery and Data loss prevention.  ESET has been in business for over 18yrs and has helped more than 100m users across 200 countries and territories worldwide, they work with some really high profile brands such as: Honda, Cannon, Greenpeace and Deloitte. ESET provide Endpoint, Gateway, email, file, mobile and antivirus technology to help protect your computers and devices.

To discover more about ESET, please visit: www.eset.com

Lepide provides the monitoring and reporting tools to support IT security operations and meet regulatory compliance.  The three key questions that Lepide answers are:  Who has access to which files and folders and when did they get access?  Who is making changes to the IT systems and what, when and where were the changes made? Are people moving or modifying critical files and folders?  For compliance and particularly GDPR, constant monitoring is required to ensure information is secured. Lepide have been in business for 14 years and have over 200k customers worldwide, which include some really high profile brands such as Coca Cola, KPMG, Nikon, Hilton, Apple and Ebay to name a few. Their systems provide access to the right users and the tools help the business monitor what is happening to their most sensitive data and systems, mitigating the risk of breach.

Lepide have offices in the UK, US and India to discover more about Lepide, please visit: www.lepide.com

In any financial, legal, manufacturing or in fact any industry which shares sensitive information, it is vital to protect and monitor who receives it and what they do with it. If information is sent to a supplier; then you have to trust that supplier to protect your information. Seclore provides a ‘remote control’ technology over your information sent inside or outside of the organisation, enabling you to dynamically allow or disallow any functions performed on your information. If the individual is allowed to edit or print a document they will be able to do so, but when you no longer them to access this or you want to update the version you can do so.

To discover more about Seclore, please visit: www.seclore.com

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